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HospitalAdmin is one of EasyWare's initiatives to help computerise the health sector across the world. The health sectors in many developing countries are being left behind by a fast-moving industry that streamlines its activities with the smart use of Information technology. Today, many health care officials are still spending an inordinately large proportion of their time using inefficient, ineffective and unsafe paper-based administrative systems. Time that should be spent treating patients or researching cures is spent on mundane administrative tasks.

HospitalAdmin aims to give every hospital, clinic or Health centre the opportunity to have its own efficient administrative system. The full feature list and benefits that they can expect from HospitalAdmin can be seen on: Our Demo Site

HospitalAdmin is free for all charitable health bodies and all small health organisations. A small fee may be charged only for those institutions that want additional customisation work, additional services or installation of HospitalAdmin on the organisation's own personal servers. Our definition of small health organisation is:
Total number of patient records: 500
Number of Hospital employees registered on the system: 15
Any usage above these numbers may incur a small additional cost. These costs and restrictions do not apply to charities and charitable health bodies. HospitalAdmin is always completely free for such organisations.

Test the application:
You can see how the application works by using our online demo at: This test screen is used by the general public. We ask that you respect other users by ensuring that you do not enter abusive of inappropriate content in the test application. All test data is deleted every few weeks. **Please note that if you do not have a fast Internet connection, the application will appear slow.** When it is installed on your computer or in your premises, it will not require the use of the Internet and will thereby work much faster.

Sign up for free, now:
Any hospital, clinic or health institution may begin using HospitalAdmin immediately simply by signing up here:

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