Installation and Prices

There are 3 types of installations:

(1) Online
HospitalAdmin remains on our servers and you access it via the internet.
Pros: you need no additional equipment to use this installation. Just log in from wherever you are. Cons: This installation requires that you have good, continuous and reliable and affordable internet connection.

(2) Single User
HospitalAdmin is installed on a single, non-networked computer or laptop.
Pros: You do not require any Internet connection or local network. Cons: The system can be accessed from only one laptop. This may not be practical in a hospital, clinic or pharmacy where many users are required.

(3) Local Network
Pros: Several users can access the system at the same time and the organisation does not require any internet connection. Cons: There are no real cons. The organisation would have to install a local network, but this is not expensive and it is almost always a good investment. This is probably the best option for most organisations especially in areas why the Internet/broadband connection is not reliable.

* You may transfer from one installation to another at any time

Prices (where applicable):

(1) Installation (This is optional, only for organisations that do not want to use the online version)
Charities and small businesses that use the online installation will not incur any cost. Unfortunately, any other installation requires valuable staff time and effort and we cannot provide this service for free. The cost of installation depends, in part, on the location. If the organisation is able to bring their equipment to our premises for installation, this might reduce the cost of installation.

The typical cost of installing HospitalAdmin in a hospital within Lagos state (for example) is ₦75,000

(3) Migrating Customer Data
One of the main issues that organisations face when taking up a new software product like this is the problems, costs and pitfalls involved with transferring existing staff data to the new system. We are happy to migrate your existing electronic data to our system for free. This promise is subject to data being in a good/usable format. This does not cover the transfer of paper records onto the system. Paper transfers could be arranged, but at a cost.

(4) Maintenance, troubleshooting and updates
We offer free online/remote support. For a small fee paying customers will have priority. Other customers will be accommodated whenever we are free. Any problems that occur in the unlikely event of a bug that is our fault will be fixed for no charge. Other problems may be chargeable on a case-by-case basis.